Posted by: Team-Ducky | March 10, 2010

UU Jester’s Birthday Bash Caches


There may be clues to cache locations and cache containers in this post!
You have been warned.

Last Saturday, Team-Ducky threw a party to celebrate UU Jester’s birthday.  Part of the celebration included the unveiling of four new Team-Ducky caches.  (We had so much fun watching people search for our first cache on New Year’s Eve, we had to do it again.)

We handed out the cache info sheet to the first hide and then split up into 2 cars.  The rules were simple:  They were all looking as a team, they would all share in the FTFs, there would be one special FTF Ducky per cache, and each cacher (or caching couple) could only claim one FTF ducky.

57 Party Prep (3-5)

The first cache was A Ducky Dead End.  The hardest part of this cache turned out to be getting to it.  Even though the cache is very close to the Ducky Pond, most people were unfamiliar with the neighborhood.  They drove down the wrong street.  Then they turned around and came at it from a different angle– and drove down another wrong street.  (We left before the muggle could ask what we were all doing by the garages of the industrial section.)  Then the cars split up, one going back the way they came and the other going around the block the long way.  Eventually, they found the right dead end.  The cache was a clever hide, but Devil Ducky Peter (who had seen plenty of these before) spotted it right away.  He claimed the FTF prize, Frankenducky.

Devil Ducky Peter receives Frankenduck

The second cache was It Was a Duck and Stormy Night.   Another nearby hide by a local landmark.  Softball29 knew exactly where the GZ was since UU Jester has been talking about hiding a cache there for months.  Off they all went… and when they arrived at the muggle-rich GZ they started looking.  They were not very stealthy. (Good thing we spritzed them with muggle repellent before letting them start this adventure.)  Monet37 made the find, again, a lot easier than we expected her to.  They didn’t even need the torturous, punny clue that UU Jester had created for the cache.  Monet37 got the 10$ gift certificate from the local establishment AND the FTF ducky, A Knight’s Tail.

Monet37 gets A Knight's Tail

The next cache was An Eggcellent Cache.  It required a bit more of a drive.  Unfortunately (from our perspective), Monet37’s GPSr gave away the secret of the location right away.  Once the parking spot was found, everyone piled out and then looked aghast at Team-Ducky.  As warned in the description, the area around the GZ is quite odiferous.  (This day was particularly unpleasant.)  They continued on– unhindered and undeterred.  The true secret of the location then became apparent.  They wandered around for a while, testing the limits of their GPS units (which would not function near the cache.)  (Evil Team-Ducky laugh here.)  Then they got to work looking for the cache. As they were looking, Chef Ducky and UU Jester glanced at the cache– and couldn’t see it.  They looked closer, trying not to give away the location.  Still no sign of it.  Oh.Oh.  It must have fallen down.  So they started looking on the ground for it.  Meanwhile, Monet37 spotted the cache–right where it was supposed to be.  She calmly walked away and then called out, “Huckle Buckle,” and then went skipping away from the cache site.  (“Hucklebuckle” – local caching term/practice that means “I’ve spotted the cache, but I’m not going to tell you where it is, you have to find it on your own.”) GPS Barb and Little Turtles were the next to find it, so they claimed the FTF Ducky, Shelldon McDuck.   We all had a good laugh at a hide that was soooo good, even the hiders couldn’t find it.

#58 Walk toward the white light...

The final cache of the outing was A Piney Perch.  We all drove to the site right away–only to see someone else driving away from the GZ.  Did someone else find it already?  Had the admin posted the caches that quickly?  Fortunately, the tracks in the snow were actually from UU Jester, so Team-Ducky wasn’t worried.  The cachers exited the cars walked right to the GZ and Softball29 spotted and grabbed the cache almost immediately.  Again, with his experience, the container proved no challenge whatsoever.  (We were a little disappointed, but it was still fun.)  He was very happy to claim his own FTF Ducky, Take A Bough.

Softball29 Takes A Bough!

The whole caching adventure took us about 75 minutes.  We laughed and had a great time.  Afterwards, we all returned to the Ducky Pond for games and food and more laughter and frivolity.
58 FTF Party (3-6)
It was a great caching bash– and Team-Ducky hopes others enjoy finding the caches as much as we did.

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