Posted by: Team-Ducky | March 3, 2010

Sock Dragon (D122-267)

With socks over his delicate horns, Sock Dragon guards the cache.

Created by Craig for The Dryer Ate my Sock on March 3, 2010.

Team-Ducky headed off to Albany to protest the closing of ~50 state parks and historic sites (a misguided attempt to address the budget deficit.)  This multi-cache gave us some trouble due to the saturated slush and puddles covering much of the trail.  Finally, we arrived at the final stage, only to realize we had forgotten to bring our mismatched socks for the cache.

Sock Dragon's tail is toasty warm in this mismatched wool sock.

Fortunately, Sock Dragon volunteered to stay and guard the cache for the owners, Twisted Dragons.

As you can read in the comments below, Sock Dragon has been moving around a bit, looking for more socks, probably.


  1. Hi we took your “sock dragon” duckie from The Dryer Ate my Socks in Delmar NY, we are going to move it to Chicago next week when we go there for vacation. Sorry we thought it was a trackable item, we are only doing this 2 weeks and were very excited…sad isnt it. Hope its ok to move him, he is very sweet! We can put him back if you like also….

    Thanks from the 3McKnackers

    • Hey 3McKnackers,

      Welcome to the hobby! Of course it was all right to take Sock Dragon (though unlike a trackable, you should leave something in its place.) You can keep it or trade it or place it in another cache. If you check out the Duck Hunter’s page, you’ll see that some folks like to collect them. If you do drop it off in a cache, do let us know so we can update the page. Thanks.

  2. We found sock dragon at Hail to the Sunrise. Our seven year old was so excited, she loves duckies. She left a dolphin bangle bracelet. We have just started geocaching. Thanks so much, I think it was Sock Dragon that sealed the deal for her. She wants to go ALL the time now. Thanks!!!!!

  3. We didn’t realize Sock Dragon had left the 3McKnackers. (They must have ran out of socks…) We are so glad YaYa found him and likes him. I hope she is able to find more caches and maybe even some other T-D duckies. Thanks for leaving us a comment, it makes our day.

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