Posted by: Team-Ducky | March 2, 2010

Justice & Liberty (D118 & D119)

Two duckies in this post…and a story.

Every year, in February, UU Jester travels to Tulsa, OK, to gather with his colleagues for Lectio Divina, a reading retreat.  The host of the retreat is a colleague serving a congregation in Tulsa.  Her partner is lawyer working for justice for the people.  This year, UU Jester thought he’d do some caching while there and create a couple of duckies in their honor.  A justice themed ducky seemed like a good idea.

In looking on-line for a good image of Lady Justice, UU Jester stumbled upon this image:

Created by Mirko Ilic for the Village Voice

UU Jester was gobsmacked.  The illustration is cool enough on its own.  When you add in the fact that UU Jester’s friends (the minister and the lawyer) are partners and are expecting their first child, the image is all the more inspiring.  UU Jester decided to try and reproduce the image in ducky form.

D118-260 Justice Loves Liberty

Lady Justice in Ducky Form

Created by Craig for Lectio Divina 2010 trip. Placed in Where Eagles Roost on February 20, 2010.

Lady Justice Ducky’s powerful sword

UU Jester went caching with Justice Jill the last day of his trip to OK.

Lady Justice Ducky’s impartial scales

Where Eagles Roost is a cache very near to where Justice Jill and Starbuck Duck (Liberty) live.

Justice Loves Liberty!

Justice Loves Liberty is currently perched Where Eagles Roost, separated temporarily (we hope) from her loving partner for life.

D119 Liberty Loves Justice

Lady Liberty

Created by Craig for Lectio Divina 2010 trip.  Placed in OTRA#1 on February 20, 2010.  My second cache with Justice Jill, the first one she found on her own, too.

LIberty Loves Justice!

Liberty Loves Justice is standing tall in OTRA#1, separated temporarily (we hope) from her loving partner for life.

Liberty & Justice, Together in Love

Team-Ducky really hopes someone reunites the two duckies…

A great couple with a great couple.

…because some things just belong together.


  1. Ahhhhh, that’s fabulous!

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