Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 22, 2010

Janus Ducky (D103-222)

Janus Ducky, the Janus Gate is Closed.

Created by Craig in honor of the start of a new year of caching.  Left in the appropriately named cache, A Smiley Start, on January 8th, 2010.  The 8th find on our Tri-State Caching Event trip.

Janus Ducky says, "Out with the Old, In with the New."

Janus was the Roman god of gates, arches, doorways, endings and beginnings.  The month of January is named after Janus.  Unfortunately, the gate of Janus was traditionally closed when the  country was at war.

Janus hid, but was ferreted out by the Ferreteers on January 23, 2010.

The Ferreteers find Janus Ducky.

They took him home and treated him to the traditional Ferreteer hospitality.

Doyle greets Janus Ducky. (Janus Ducky is not happy about this change of venue.)

The Ferreteers write: “As you can see, the ferrets were very gentle with Janus Ducky giving him hugs and warm embraces.”

Janus was desperate and convinced them to take him on their next caching trip.  There, a way out of this situation would present itself.

Cachers of a Feather, indeed...

…But yet, when out in the wild, the Janus Ducky planned with the other ducks…

Janus Ducky enlists local aid!

“…to surround and overpower the Ferreteers...”

The Duckies Attack the Ferreteers!

“…Thankfully the Ferreteers were able to overcome Janus Ducky…”

Janus is safe from the Ferreteers…

“…and safely lock him away in GC9D2A – RPA 20 Brookwood Hall.”

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