Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 15, 2010

Celebrating 100 Ducky (D100-216)

Our 100th Ducky!

Created by Craig and Cheryl in celebration of our 100th ducky!  Placed in On the Beaverkill on January 8th, 2010.  Our 2nd find of our Tri-State caching trip.

UU Jester and Chef Ducky decide to throw a party!

Bang the drum!  It’s time to celebrate our 100th ducky!

Princess Opal Karma Fuzzybritches ducky celebrates with a favorite game.

Team-Ducky’s cat, Opal, doesn’t like caching, but she does like celebrating with the trampoline-tent game!

Pop the cork!

Wouldn’t be a a party without a bit of the bubbly…

Team-Ducky knows how to throw a party!

All the best parties have dancing, balloons, and fireworks.

Celebrating 100 Ducky was poached by Softball29 (we think on January 10th, but we aren’t sure since he didn’t log his visit.)


  1. Yey! I think you need to start a clothing line now that you have made and awesome hat!

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