Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 13, 2010

FTF #1 Duckies (D95-D99, GC1)

Five First-to-Find Duckies puttin' on the ritz for New Year's Eve.

Created by Craig and Cheryl as the First-to-Find prizes for Team-Ducky’s first cache, “Which Comes First…“, placed on New Year’s Eve, 2009.  Each TD Ducky has a holiday mirror ball cap, the Team-Ducky FTF shield emblazoned on their chests, and personalized geocacher icons inked on their backsides.

FTF Duckies personalized with symbols of the lucky first finders.

Team-Ducky unveiled their first cache at their first party in their new home.  All of their new caching friends were invited for an evening of foods, fun, games, and caching.  At the stroke of midnight, the cache write up was handed out and the geocachers spilled out into the night, all trying to find the cache.

First to Find: Little Turtles!

The least experienced (least obsessed) cacher, Little Turtles, made the find while (almost) everyone else was barking up the wrong tree.

First to Find: GPS Barb!

The other cachers quickly surrounded the correct GZ and the container was opened.  Only to discover two things…

First to Find: Monet37!

…six cachers had run out to find the cache…and not one had brought a pen to sign the log…

First to Find: Devil Duckies!

…and there was a clue in the cache pointing them to where they might find their FTF prizes.  A short distance away, the FTF duckies were buried in the snow, only their shiny mirror-ball heads sticking out, waiting to be discovered.

First to Find: Softball29

It was a great party.  A fun cache.  And some very cool duckies that have found homes with some of Team-Ducky’s newest friends.  (Little Turtles, GPSBarb, Monet37, Devil Duckies, and Softball29.)

Happy New Year, indeed!

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