Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland (D77-180)

Caching in a Winter Wonderland!

Created by Craig for Uncle Morty’s Campbell Cache on December 24, 2009.  One of three FTFs UU Jester, Softball29, and BHouston21 went for on Christmas Eve Day.  This was a hike up through a snow-covered, hillside forest.  The clue for the cache was “look within the group of nine.”  Hence, the nine trees on Winter Wonderland, with the cache in their midst.

For pictures of this ducky’s creation and a more extensive write up of our holiday caching adventure, check out Softball29’s blog post on the trip.

The Three Wise Guys cached on Christmas Eve day.

Our second FTF of the day!  (Though it did take some doing to remove the iced ammo can from it’s resting place.)  UU Jester doesn’t personalize all of the duckies this way– just the ones he wants to taunt Softball29 with.  (Softball29 promised to only snarf one ducky that day– so UU Jester put his name on this one.  It tempts him so…)

The Winter Wonderland ducky was snarfed by BHouston21.

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