Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 7, 2010

Santa’s Gnome (D78-181)

Santa's Gnome is not amused.

Created by Craig ahead of time, while riding in the car to the caches, for Gnome-one’s Home.  (Ducky Rule #1 – Never, ever, never make a ducky for a specific cache before you have found the cache.) Actually placed in River Stroll on December 24, 2009.

Two FTFs out of three for the day.  Our final one, a DNF.  The ducky curse was in full effect.  We left the GZ and headed to a simple cache in Delhi that Softball29 owned.  (He really wanted to get his mitt on this ducky.)  Alas, that cache was gnome where to be found, too.  (Muggled!  For the pics and a fuller description, see Softball29’s blog entry for the day.)  Softball29 convinced UU Jester to try one more cache.  (It wasn’t hard, UU Jester hates ending on a less than positive percentage of finds/DNFs in a given day.)  River Stroll was quickly found and the Santa’s Gnome was given a new home away from the North Pole.

Santa’s Gnome was snarfed/poached (with permission) by Softball29.

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