Posted by: Team-Ducky | February 2, 2010

Duck Kent: Mild Mallard Cacher (D64-163)

Duck Kent: Mild Mallard Cacher

Created by Team-Ducky for Newsflash Cache! on December 11, 2009.

Clark Kent (Christopher Reeves)

Early in the morning (relatively speaking), Team Ducky heard the news:  A new cache (a news cache?) just placed at the local newspaper offices, The Daily Star.

Duck Kent visits the Daily Star

The cache was intended to be a FTF for Softball29, who happens to be a colleague of Duck Kent.  Unfortunately for Softball29, Duck Kent is a member of Team-Ducky and his “hidden talents” facilitated another FTF for the ducky team.

Duck Kent of the Daily Planet

To add insult to injury, Softball29 didn’t even get the ducky.  Another cacher in the neighborhood, Luckless, scooped him before he arrived on the scene.

Duck Kent is currently doing an in-depth interview with Luckless.

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