Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 30, 2010

Duck Frost (D60-158)

Duck Frost nipping at your bill...

Created by Team-Ducky for Always: Oneonta originally.  Placed, more appropriately, in Route 23 Cruise-By later that evening, December 6, 2009.  It’s a long and convoluted story…

On December 6, Team-Ducky attended a Christmas event at Glimmerglass State Park.  On the way out of the park, they stopped by to do Welcome to Glimmerglass.  Unfortunately, they didn’t exactly follow the directions included in the cache description.  So, they found half of the multi-cache and were unable to walk away with a smiley face for the day.  This bothered them.  So, they decided to try and find couple of other caches they had previously missed or failed to find.  (Thorns in their side…)

First, they swung by Pull Over and Park #2.  They’d been meaning to get this cache for months.  But every time they headed that way, they passed the exit before they realized how close they were to the cache.  Not this time; this time, they were going to find it.   And they did.  One thorn removed, one smiley face for the map.

Then they headed for Always: Oneonta.  This cache had plagued them for months, too.  They had looked for it individually and as a team almost a half a dozen times.  They’d had clues from people who had found it.  It had been checked on and confirmed to be present.  Finally, they had specific information from a helpful soul at the caching event they attended the day before.  This time they would find this cache.  Armed with his brand new illuminated hat of anti-obfuscation, UU Jester found the first part of this multi-cache.  They then drove to the GZ of the final stage and easily found the geo-trail left behind by a cacher from earlier that day.  Team-Ducky was excited.  Nay, they were elated!  They could finally cross this cache off their list. The container was listed as a small– so they decided to make a special ducky for it.  They sat in the car and took turns creating Duck Frost.  When they were finished, they walked the trail and found the cache.  Only to discover, the cache was too small for the ducky.  (Even squishing wouldn’t work.)

Oh! No!  Now what?  They had numbered the ducky and everything.  With permanent sharpie markers.  Oh, this was a disaster.

Then UU Jester remembered another cache that had been a thorn in their side. An “easy” one close to their home that they had been unable to find.  The owner had checked on the cache and confirmed it was still there– had even moved it slightly to make it easier to find (a nice assist to the newbie cachers who were unable to find it.) The Route 23 Cruise-By.  It even had a theme that fit Duck Frost better than Always: Oneonta did.  Brilliant!  (Assuming they could find it this time.)

Route 23 Cruise-By theme

So off they flew, to Route 23 Cruise-By— and there, almost instantly, they found the cache.  (They were puzzled as to how they could have missed it the first time.)  They dropped Duck Frost off in his new home and returned to the duck pond, three thorns removed, three smileys on the map.

Ducky Lesson/Ducky Rule – pre-making a duck for a specific cache angers Murphy.  Never, never, NEVER make a ducky for a specific cache until you’ve actually found the cache.  Beware the curse if you do.

Sometime later that month (December 10th, we suspect), Softball29 poached Duck Frost, adding the unique snowflake ducky to his growing collection.

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