Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 29, 2010

Tug-O-War Ducky (D59-155)

Tug-O-War Ducky

Created by Team-Ducky for Monet’s Art of Gold (Monet’s Golden Ammo Can) on December 5, 2009.

Team Ducky’s custom duckies have quickly become popular collectors items in the area.  A couple of cachers have been bagging duckies left and right, racking up quite a collection.  Team Ducky finally met the two most fanatical Duck Hunters at the Ho! Ho! Ho! A Season of Caching event.

Softball29 wants the ducky!

Softball29, the host of the event and our guide this day, has the biggest collection of duckies.  He is an avowed, unapologetic ducky poacher.

GPSBarb wants the ducky!

And GPSBarb, a very nice cacher who stumbled upon Team Ducky’s duckies, then stalked them.

Both of these normally stable cachers are extremely competitive in their duck hunting activities.  It is highly recommended that one not get between either one of them and a TD Ducky.  (Tug-O-War Ducky looks stressed out for a reason.)

In an extreme act of willpower, Softball29 did not snarf/poach Tug-o-War Ducky when she was dropped in Monet’s Art of Gold.  Of course, the next day, Softball29 returned with BHouston21, who made the find and roped Tug-O-War Ducky.  Brent, being a good friend, and recognizing a dangerous addict when he sees one, gave Tug-O-War Ducky to P.J.

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