Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 26, 2010

Cheese and Quackers (D52-142)

We are missing a photo of "Cheese and Quackers"

Craig created “Cheese and Quackers” for Team-Ducky’s Thanksgiving trip to Wisconsin.  He left the ducky Along the Trail on November 29, 2009, while hunting with his mother (Mama Ducky.)

Along the Trail is hidden on the Ice Age Trail next to the Chaffee Creek.  Both the creek and the trail cross under Highway 51/Interstate 39 through large culverts.  The cache is located in a copse of trees in the median of the highway.  UU Jester and Mama Ducky hiked the trail to find the cache.  They rehid the cache quickly as the rest of their hunting party was coming through the culvert to join them.  In their haste, UU Jester forgot to get a picture of Cheese and Quackers.  We hope that whoever finds the ducky will take a photo for us.

Cheese and Quackers, as far as we know, is still waiting Along the Trail.

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