Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 25, 2010

Mystery Ducky (D49-???)

A Ducky wrapped in a question mark hidden in an enigma.

Craig created this one for an unnamed, unposted cache Team-Ducky found in Betty & Wilbur Davis State Park on November 23, 2009.

They were looking for a good spot to place their first cache when UU Jester spotted a tupperware container sitting pretty much out in the open by a tree.  Further investigation revealed a cache container, labeled with a park permit, containing a log book.  Team-Ducky didn’t even get a FTF on the mystery cache, the log book had a log entry from August, 2009.    (According to that post, there is another mystery cache hidden on the nature trail.)  These caches are still not posted on  Team-Ducky talked to the park manager and offered to “adopt” the seemingly abandoned cache, but no further information has come from it.

Since we can’t track logs on, we can only assume Mystery Ducky is still in the mystery cache.

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