Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 22, 2010

Wolf Ducky (D40-116)

One day a ducky was bitten by a wolf-creature and...

Created by Craig for Wolfhound 9 on November 9, 2009.

This was one of THOSE caches.  Nothing wrong with the cache, but we looked just about everywhere the cache was not first.  Lessons from this cache included:
• Terrain 1 caches are NOT up a 60 degree incline through a barrier of thorns that are reminiscent of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle.
• Reading the hint is a good idea. Trusting the hint is an even better idea.

Finally, we looked at the GZ and said, “It can’t be there, can it?”

Yes… yes it can. (Don’t ask us how… we’ll have to wait until next summer to figure that out.)

(Any resemblance between Wolf Ducky and Swamp Bear Ducky is obviously due only to the observers untrained eye.  See, the front paw print is different.)

Wolf Ducky is still in its cave, Wolfhound 9.

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