Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 14, 2010

Centennial Ducky (D33-100)

Celebrating our 100th Find!

Created by Craig and Cheryl to celebrate their 100th find on November 3, 2009.

Our first foray into the use of glitter on the ducks.  Cheryl did a great job with the fine detail work, as usual, but applying the glitter by hand was very time consuming and difficult.  (The quest for a better glitter method began.)

Chef Ducky

We intended to hide it in Animals at OSG (duckies ARE animals, after all.)  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the cache.  (Turns out it was muggled.) So we walked back and left Centennial Ducky in Peeeeewww! Take a whiff! (Not exactly the cache we would have chosen for our milestone, but it was better than the DNF we were ending the night with.)

UU Jester

Centennial Ducky was found by GPS Barb on November 8th, 2009.  (Close to her 100th find, too.)

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