Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 2, 2010

Go On Without Me Ducky (D20-65)

A semi-brave martyr from Team-Ducky.

AA joint creation of Team-Ducky for the Mendon Liar’s Cache in Mendon Ponds Park on October 9th, 2009.

We had been watching this cache on-line for a month before actually visiting it.  The reports posted about this cache were almost too extreme to be believed.  We decided, though, if we were going to be real, honest cachers, we had to at least make the attempt.  Here is a copy of the log we posted about our visit:

Find #6,500 for Team Ducky. We’ve been watching this one for a long time. Since we really need a riding lawn mower, we decided to brave it this time. Having read other cacher’s attempts, we knew to bring along our entire Ducky Team. Ninja duck scouted the surroundings, sneaking past all the muggles who had set up their tents in the area. We sent in Badger duck to take out the bear we’ve heard tell of from prior visitors. A Wisconsin Badger can take out a NY Bear any day…. Fortunately, the bear was no longer guarding the cache and we found it easily. Unfortunately, a bigger, nastier threat had taken up residence in Mendon Park and the glow of the welding torch we used to open the cache drew its attention.

The Mendon Beast appears (along with Beaker42--how did he get here?)

Even with our Ducky Team, we knew we didn’t stand a chance. Just when all hope was lost and things looked most dire, one lone duck, a Team Ducky hero, to be sure, offered to stay behind and hold off the beast while we made good our escape. Chef Ducky had a hard time saying goodbye and many tears were shed– but the parting was brief.

Chef Ducky and Hero Ducky say farewell.

Chef Ducky bids farewell to our hero ducky.

The Mendon Park Beast is not fond of long farewells. We took the bison travel bug, since he would have been little more than a buffalo bite for the beast. We left behind “Go On Without Me Ducky”. Thank you, for your sacrifice. We will miss you.

Chef Ducky is forced to flee the Mendon Beast

Chef Ducky is forced to flee from the Mendon Beast.

(Go On Without Me Ducky is presumed dead.  To our knowledge, however, her body has not been found. If you have any information as to the location of this brave hero, please let Team-Ducky know.)

(In case you haven’t figured it out yet, go back and look at the name of the cache.  This is a cache we have kept watching after we found it just so we can read the logs others leave.  It has been very entertaining.)


  1. Interesting cache indeed!

    Loved your Ducktale/tall tale 😉

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