Posted by: Team-Ducky | January 1, 2010

Sojourner Ducky (D17-56)

He's ready to bushwhack the frontier, eh.

Another joint creation by Team-Ducky, with Chef Ducky taking the lead on this one for the 2008 Susquehanna Sojourn – Botcher’s Landing cache on October 8, 2009.

Our 2nd ducky on our Finger Lakes trip.  This one was a little off the beaten path–we were still learning the best way to plan our on-the-way travel caches.  It was a pretty spot, though.  The name of the cache reminded us of a B&B we stayed at in northwestern Wisconsin that had a Sojourner’s Room.  The owners traced their family back to some of the early sojourners in the area.

Sojourner ducky is French (you can tell by his pencil-thin moustache, goatee, and outRAGEous ACcent.)  His coon-skin cap(?) lets you know he is an American frontier ducky.


  1. Due to some major landscaping, the Botcher’s Landing cache has been lost and subsequently archived. Sojourner Ducky is MIA.

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