Posted by: Team-Ducky | December 28, 2009

B-Day 42 Ducky (D9-43)

This is the first ducky we have a photo of.  (Yay, we finally remembered our iPhones have cameras on them.)   It was drawn by Craig in honor of Cheryl’s 42nd birthday and placed in LPC Rest Area on October 2nd, 2009.  (Note:  Cheryl’s birthday is NOT October 2nd.)

We wanted to find this cache the first time we came to Delhi, but they were repaving the lot and blocked it off from access.  This time, the muggles were everywhere, but we got the cache.   We were pleasantly surprised to find it was a small container under the skirt.  Craig created the ducky in the car.  By the time he was finished, a truck had pulled up to the cache and the person wasn’t getting out.  (Eating their lunch?)  We ran into the Price Chopper for a few items hoping he would leave.  Came back out– he was still there.  Watched him for a while and realized he was sleeping.  (Nap time?)  So we quickly made the rehide.

Happy Birthday, Cheryl!


  1. At some point, this ducky was nabbed by the cache owner, Softball29.

  2. Softball29 swapped B-Day 42 Ducky for the ducky that was in The Bloomville Walk on December 26, 2009.

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